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Audio system (radioguides/microphones) rental

Please contact directly the rental company for your reservation:

What they are
: an audio system so the guide speaks into a small microphone and participants listen in disposable headphones. Participants hear perfectly the voice of the guide even if they are far from her.

This system has become essential for the quality of service. Unfortunately, the traffic, the inevitable music buskers, any road works create confusion as to make difficult to enjoy a guided tour without this technology.

These devices are REQUIRED (compulsory) for all groups over 7 participants. The groups without this audio system can not access a number of churches and numerous museums in the region Emilia Romagna.

For the guided bicycle tours this radio system must always be provided regardless of the number of participants.

The rental company is TOURSOUND and serves the whole region Emilia Romagna. Toursound hand delivers and hand collects devices wherever specified by the customer

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